inside air condition yellow, blue, black and red wires
May 18, 2020

What Our Customers Ask About Contactors A Contactor is a device used to bring high voltage to your compressor to start and run it. The contact points snap together through magnetic action each time your unit starts. At startup, your compressor is pulling maximum current ( amps several times its regular running current). A small […]

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HVAC Refrigerant or Freon Leaks

inside frozen Air Conditioning unit
May 1, 2019

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE ONE AND HOW DO YOU FIND A LEAK? An air conditioning or heat pump system is sealed.  IT SHOULD NEVER BE LOW ON REFRIGERANT (FREON) UNLESS IT HAS A LEAK. Here are some ways we can locate leaks: Visual inspection for traces of oil leaking with the refrigerant. […]

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Freon R22 and The “Drop In” Myth

August 9, 2016

Crabtree Services: Today I am writing to try to inform consumers about an awful myth that is being spread around both by some HVAC distributors and HVAC technicians that there are “drop in” refrigerants that will affect homeowners to make uneducated decisions or choices by not being properly informed. This myth can in fact cost […]

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